Miami Adventures Part I

Hey Friends!!

So excited to share with you guys my latest adventure. I have mentioned before this season has been rough for me, and it’s good to get away. It’s very refreshing to be in another place surrounded by different things.

Over the weekend I was able to finally visit The Miami Design District in Miami, FL. I was in Miami for an event which I will share in part II of this series.

Miami has been known for great beaches, nightlife, food and other great places. But it has gotten more popular due to to this new edition. It’s located in South of Lemon, (little Haiti) which were a bunch of old houses that now have been now converted into very luxurious retail stores, art galleries, restaurants and cafes.  

Whenever you can,  take a trip to the beautiful Miami and check it out! here are some photos of the stores, details and art I found.


Details on the walls are crafted in such a unique way!IMG_0302IMG_0301img_0299.jpgIMG_0306IMG_0308IMG_8040

Jungle By 2X4

IMG_8092IMG_8075IMG_8045IMG_8108IMG_8117Miami 23IMG_0364IMG_0369

I also have a YouTube Vlog on my channel so you can check it out! ❤



Jumper dress: Urban Outfitters

White Plain top: Urban Outfitters

Bandana: Francesca’s

Kicks: Adidas Gazelles

Glasses: ZeroUV

Hat: TopShop

It was a little preview but there is so much out there to see, I can’t wait to go back. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and stay tune for part II of my Miami adventures.

Much love friends.


Kreadiv Misfit

Photography By: Nicolas Bolanos

Shopping Tips

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Happy April Friends!

I can’t believe how time is flying, I apologize for being so absent. It’s been a crazy past couple of months, but I am back and committed to blog more. So let’s get straight to the point.

Last weekend I decided to go on a small shopping spree. Before I went on this journey because you know it’s going to be an interesting journey dealing with so much when it comes to shopping. I did a couple of things to make sure I survived and stayed on track, I wanted to share with you guys my tips so next time when you go shopping you can have a great experience.

  1.  What I did was I organized my closet and got rid of things that I didn’t need. Then I made a list of items that I thought that were necessary.  Like basic shirts and jeans which is what I use mostly.  This is helpful because I honestly didn’t want to get items that I didn’t really need and of course trying to stay on budget.


2. I did research on what stores near me where offering deals, I planned on going to local boutiques and I wanted to see what specials and deals were going on.

3. After doing some online research, I created a budget. I had $200.00 to spend and I didn’t want to go over. Creating a budget helps you to stay focus, also bringing cash too.!

4.  Going to big department stores really overwhelmed me and gives me anxiety, so I go to small local boutiques that have good quality items. If you get a little anxious and feel weird in big stores just find small local ones that way you can focus more and enjoy your shopping experience.

5. Once you have try an item I advice you to check for the following:


Hand of fabric





Loose Thread

color & texture

I advice you to ALWAYS  check this because items can be damaged or get damaged later on. Also If you really like the item you are purchasing, speak to the sales associate and they might give you a 10% discount.


6. During the week stores are usually empty and more relaxed. Weekends are very hectic due to most of the people being off and trying to go shopping. If you do go on the weekends, make sure you eat a good breakfast or lunch and drink plenty of water.

7. Focus on Quality over Quantity. unfortunately some people think that buying items for less is the way to save but honestly is not. Being able to work in the fashion industry has really opened my eyes to the process of fashion which I will definitely share more about it on another blog post. Please INVEST in quality pieces that you can wear a couple of times trust me you will save money.


8. Online shopping it’s a very smart, comfortable and easy.  You can find tons of deals online and sometimes even free shipping. Just make sure that whichever website you are using it’s safe. Sometimes certain sites can hack your information, if you don’t feel safe using your debit card, use a credit card, gift card or pay pal.

I hope you guys find these tips helpful. I wanted to do something different and I created these illustrations using Prismacolor markers and cleaning them a little bit on Photoshop. Let me know if you have any other tips on shopping, I would like to learn more too.

Have a great Easter weekend !