My Dance Life

Hello Friends!

How is everyone’s week going?

Mine has been a bit hectic and I have learned many lessons in the past two days. WOAH!

It’s been way too much, but on a good note I have been able to have some fun lately. Last night I attended a private event that I was invited to at Earls Kitchen + Bar .

It was so cool, lots of great food , drinks and I got to meet fellow bloggers and influencers. The event was a spring party  featuring the latest fashion and fast cars. They also had a silent auction supporting kids beat cancer.  If you are ever in Orlando, FL you must check it out, it’s a great place.

Besides all the eventful things that have happen this week, today Thursday I woke up thinking about dance. I noticed I haven’t really spoke much of it and it’s a huge part of my life.

So here it goes…..

I started dancing since I was 3 yrs. old in Colombia. My first performance was a salsa piece with a little boy named Jorge and according to my mother that’s when my parents knew that I was going to be a dancer.


Growing up I was always choreographing pieces for family gatherings, school performances and even when I moved from Colombia to the U.S my passion never changed.

In high school I joined the drama club, chorus, the hispanic club and the International festival which showcased dancers from all over the world. I was that girl in high school know as the “Star in the making” because I was so involved in every performance at school.

17361773_10210994268506342_3839144358021219446_n (1)
Senior yr. of high school dancing for Salsa Artist Victor Manuelle

In my senior year not knowing where I was going to go to college or do with my life. I joined a local dance crew in my hometown in Orlando. It was a very well known crew, and the moment I saw them perform it became my goal to be part of it.

While I waited to be part of this crew, I continued taking dance classes and training with different dancers, I did a couple of shows and auditioned for many artist. I started working at Disney dancing with Mickey and friends for all the parades which was a goal since I was little and it happened.

I became part of SolosCrew & grew so much as a dancer and as an individual . The leader of this crew Carrie which is a closer friend of mine until this day,  met me when I was 17. She mentored me and lead me to continue to follow God’s heart.


With SolosCrew I learned about ministry, about God’s love and his people. It was a ministry before a dance crew and it served the community. We did many great events and music videos with various artist. Even though we have all grown, and moved on I will forever be grateful for the great times. These women will continue to have a special place in my heart.


#Throwback to our first music video with Choreographer Julie Johnson in Alabama.
Here is my first headshot! haha great #Throwback



I grew up in the Florida dance scene. I attended many dance events. Trained and competed with many talented dancers, and traveled to places I would have never imagined. You will be surprised that many of the best dancers have come out of FL.


The Dance scene is FL has a very special place in my heart. 


I have been able to be part of one of the best Entertainment crews in the NBA. BlueCrew, a crew full of entertainers of many forms. We have been able to travel to Brazil, London and do a couple of performances during the games. Another great family that dance connected me to.

NBA 2012 All-Star Game

My skill grew so much in FL, but I wanted to grow more and take my career to the next level. So a great door opened in Los Angeles, CA the famous LA LA LAND and I moved leaving everything I knew.

I was able to train with Tina Landon choreographer for Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Britney Spears & many others.

The LA dance scene was very different. Very exciting, I met another level of dance. I am not gonna lie it was hard because the industry is very harsh, and requires so much but I wanted to be the best so I took on the challenges & struggles that came with it which made me stronger and better at my craft.

Mariel Madrid! I watched so many of her dance videos, such an inspiring choreographer.

I used to watch America’s Best Dance Crew. I loved the Beat Freaks because they were so talented and did not compromise their style at all. I was able to take their first ever class at ML Studio in North Hollywood. We even had a freestyle session with some of the best dancers in Hollywood.


LA has help me grow so much as an artist. New to the scene there wasn’t a day where I wasn’t training, auditioning or attending dance events. I have been able to do different performances, and work with many talented artist because of it.



I have made so many great friends from many backgrounds, journeys dreams and passions. We all started as dancers and have evolved into entrepreneurs. Stepping out  of my comfort zone has been the best decision I have ever made in my life. Some peeps in these photos are my best friends for life, they have a little piece of my heart with them.


So where am I with dance right now?

I know this blog has been mainly about fashion but dance introduced me to fashion. I discovered I was not only talented at dancing but at many other things.  Even though a lot of people  has questioned my journey, I was never created to be in just one box.

I love dance, I love the craft,  the feeling that comes in my heart every time I hear a beat. My body can’t stop moving, I create moves that speak my feelings. It has been a journey a very hard journey where I have been rejected many many times. But great doors have been opened too and I can’t never take that for granted.

I STILL DANCE! not dancing for any major artists right now or touring. I still train and take classes when I can. As I have mentioned in past posts I have been dealing with some health issues which I’m still in the process of finding out and it has affected my body which makes it hard to dance. It sucks, I have cried, and have prayed to God but it’s just a season. and maybe this season is preparing me for another greater season that I need to be ready for.

I will dance until is my time to go. Even if is just dancing in my living room I will never let go of my gift. The gift that God gave me to inspire and bless others. The gift that was there for me when no one acknowledge me. The gift that helped me with my confidence and the one God used to transformed me into who I am now.

Thank you for letting me share my journey , I will keep you all updated with my dance life. No matter what let’s keep dancing through life, and never give up on a dream or any gift that you have.


Kreadiv Misfit


ART Therapy

Hello Friends!

I cannot believe that October is here already, it’s crazy how this year has literally gone by. I want to thank you for reading my blog, I know I been slacking because I haven’t been writing a lot, but it’s been crazy for me. I moved again last week and to be honest with you it has taken a toll on me. Life is just crazy, no one really teaches you how to adult so I am trying to make it work, just like Tim Gunn  would say. 

So besides the new changes in my life, it’s been hard to stay inspired or motivated. I been kinda in my cave and haven’t really gone out too much, so this weekend before the craziness started again, I wanted to go somewhere and look for inspiration. Sometimes we let certain things get on the way, but we can’t let that take over our dreams and goals that we have to achieve. So I had heard of this place “Artegon” which is in my hometown Orlando, FL. where I currently reside but not for too long, and it’s a huge marketplace. Artegon Marketplace is located in International Drive which is a tourist area, and to be honest I was not expecting what I saw. I needed to go out somewhere that didn’t have your typical stores, and what you expect to see at a mall, I needed color, details, objects, mediums I was looking for therapy, and I found it.

Art is truly my therapy because every time I feel creatively blocked, and in some sort of funk, I find a place, or something that has art in it and it really helps. Even just grabbing some paper and coloring it’t therapeutic, and I was doing some more research online about it and a couple of therapist advice their patients to get involved in art activities and exercises because it helps. There is art therapist out there for people who really need someone, but you can pick an art form and use that as your therapy. Anything that has creative expression can help a person improve their mental, emotional and physical state, and it can improve their quality of life. I have seen it in my personal life that, when I draw, or dance it helps me to reduce stress, to think better, and honestly to feel better about myself. 

I could have stayed in this weekend, and not go out there to this new place, but honestly it helped me so much to see so much art, colors, shapes, mediums, it was so different from your typical mall. I felt like I was in another place, so I hope you guys enjoy this post and get inspired and motivated to go out there even when you don’t feel like doing it. Think about what’s your therapy? is it shopping, going to the movies, meeting new people? anything that makes us happy and moves us in a way can be our therapy.

Once you walk in the place it’s so big but you can start from anywhere, I started on a walking gallery and the first piece I saw was this Heart piece which was so great, it’s all graffiti. I loved the combination of elements and if you look at the photograph closer you can  see the animals. 

Artist: German Lemus


This wall reminds me of New York so much, the progress of the city and people think is a city of just high fashion but there is so much more than that, it’s an art gallery.

Artist: Special Sons 


I love this corner pieces, its combination of colors, and the rendering it’s so cool.

Artist: Special Sons


One of the many things that you should know about me is that I love hip hop, the real hip hop and this wall of the spray cans and  the art frames spoke so much to me about hip hop and it’s culture. (Blog post about hip hop coming soon.)

Artist: Special Sons 


I love Lions, they represent for me power and royalty. If you look closer the eyes are made of CD’s who uses those anymore? I know about that life, haha I still have some in my car.

Artist: German Lemus


There are a couple of walls that had some quotes, so many statements!blog-23

This is actually a store, it’s called Brooklyn Street Threads!  You can find items like hats,  t-shirts, mugs with that Brooklyn urban fashion flair.  


Brooklyn Street Threads 

Here I am! haha in front of this wall of paint brushes. When I first saw it from a far, it looks like the shape of our country, and I love the fact that there are so many colors because that’s out country, so diverse.  

Dress: Victoria’s Secret                                                                                                                                    Shoes: Adidas Originals


Over 14 feet! and it’s all yarn, such a unique

Buckets of pain, all carefully placed together creating the shape of a heart.


Paint rollers with their handles facing up and down, such an original

They used the top bucket of paint cans to make this piece.


Lampshades of different forms and

One of my favorites was this wall full of chairs , all this chairs are different styles yet when you look from far away the volume and shape looks like they were all the

This R’n R’ Record Shop it’s so great, look how great that back wall is. One day that I have a loft I want to re-create that using old school records, I remember growing up and my parents using

You can find vintage records, collections of movies, I also saw pins and patches.

R’n R Records|Collectibles blog-16

There is also the Hyder Gallery which provides artist of all levels to network and put their ideas into canvas. You can’t take photos of the art work, but I took this picture because you can sign up for an art class & wine glass every Friday & Saturday Night. It’s a great gallery full of a combination of many artist and also it’s a great idea for a date night.

For more info:


So one of my many goals is to visit Morocco, and Artegon has a shop called“Moroccan Bazaar”  which is full of imported goods, traditional ware, fabric scarves, hookahs and many more. blog-3

If you are like me and want to travel the world, there is this awesome store “Vegabond Traveler”  where you can find high quality leather bags  of all styles.


What an awesome random adventure! There are so many awesome shops, great walls and things to see. I definitely advice everyone who is a local or a visitor to check it out, Orlando is not just theme parks, there are so many talented people in this city it’s incredible, I am so honored to call Orlando my home, and wherever this road of life takes me I will never forget where I grew as a person and most importantly as an artist.  ❤

For more information check out: