Hello June!

Hey Friends!

I can’t believe that June is here. June is a very special month for me because it’s my birthday month. A lot of people look at getting older as a bad thing but I don’t at all. I have accomplished a lot of great things in my life and there is so much more to do, so it’s exciting to see what doors God will open.

Every summer since I was little there was a celebration. My brothers birthday is in June too, and many times we have celebrated our birthdays together. This year he got an internship with a great company and we won’t be together but I am so happy for him and proud that he is chasing his dreams as well.

June brings summer and it brings change.  It ‘s a new month to set goals, and to enjoy life as well. I am learning to do that more because I get on this mindset of work work work like Rihanna would say and I don’t take the time to enjoy life like I should.

So I created this mood board for this month. I was so inspired by the colors, items, and textures. So dreamy!


So what’s in for June?

  • I am creating a new website for my blog. Time to invest a little more and make it more professional so stay tune.!
  •   For the first time attending BLOGHER 2017! it’s a huge conference and I am attending as a blogger/influencer  VIP thanks to my blogging mentor Laila. (check out her awesome blog too)
  •   Creating and creating more helpful content for you my friends.
  •   Personal: I want to get closer to God so I will try my best to read my bible more and brake down scriptures for better understanding.
  •   Eating healthy & working out more.
  •   Celebrating life with my family & close friends.


So what are your plans or things you are looking forward on this month?

I hope you guys enjoy this post.  Go out there and gather inspiration, create a mood board, set your goals and continue to go after your dreams. Best wishes for the rest of this June.

Much love,

Kreadiv Misfit

P.S: Photos found on Pinterest. I don’t own any rights to any of them.

March Mood

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Hello Friends!

It’s Tuesday and it kinda feels like a Monday. So if you are dragging today, no worries you are not the only one. Friday is almost here.!

So What’s your mood this month?

As you know I love love love Pinterest, whenever I feel uninspired I just start to search for random things and ideas start to pop. I know Spring is here, there are so many things trending out there for it but everyone is different and even though I love to learn what’s trending, I don’t like to follow all the trends out there.  I like to create my own trends and find images that speak to me. So go out there find what inspires you and create your trend. Set your mood.!



Blue Sky

Blush Pink

Plain White


Dark Royal Blue



80’s Ruffles

Bold Stripes

Denim Jackets



Round Statement Glasses

Nike air Max White

Adidas Superstars Light Pink

Inspired of what is trending out there and a couple

of fashion icons I follow, I hope you found this post helpful.

Be a trendsetter, have fun with whatever you are wearing and don’t forget to

enjoy every walk, every adventure out there. Have a great week friends. ❤


Kreadiv Misfit



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Creating a Visual Board!

Happy 2017 my dear friends!

It’s a new year, and we all have the opportunity to start with a clean slate. I honestly don’t like resolutions but goals, it makes more sense and it’s less pressure. This first week since day 1 I have taken the time to really dig deep and look into the goals that I want to accomplish and really commit myself too. Not just only work work work, but taking care of myself, growing in my faith and spending time with others.

I am a visual person, I love to have something in front of me that can remind me of the things that I want to accomplish. I want to share with you guys, helpful tips on how to put together a vision board and what exactly is it. Hopefully you will all find it helpful and if you have any tips you want to share definitely leave a comment, I wish you all the best for this year and let’s make it happen.


A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal. Literally, a vision board is any sort of board on which you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life. (found on Wikipedia)

You can create one on your laptop, iPad or phone or just make one for your office or room using actual images from magazines. I used to do this a lot but since I discovered pinterest, things have changed and pretty much I just do it on my iPad by using an awesome app called (Pic Collage) which is free and it’s very helpful.

1.) Visualize your goals, what do you picture yourself getting done? what do you wanna accomplish?

2.) Once you have an idea of what your goals can look like, start googling , looking on Pinterest, magazines or using any kind of search engine that you like and find images that can remind you of that goal that you imagined. I love finding creative images, quotes, anything random that comes to mind trust me you will find it.

3.) Gather as many images that you can and save them, that way when you start putting your vision board together and you have plenty of choices.

4.) There is no right or wrong way of placing the images,  I like to place like a quote next to a strong print, or an image of an object next to just another random image that way they can pop together, it doesn’t have to match the idea is for you to remember and have that visual to remind you of what you wanna get done.

5.) Some of the tools that I have used are very inexpensive, I have used a cork board that you can find at any arts and craft store  like Michael’s or Jo Ann’s, I know Walt Mart has them too. Scissors, glue, color pencils, glitter, stickers or anything that you would like use it and have fun. Now if you wanna do it digitally; just find an app where you can create a collage and do it, that way you can use it as a background in all your gadgets.


Check out Pic Collage: https://pic-collage.com/

If you need an exapmple for your board,  this is mine. My 2017 Vision board that includes all the images that I found on Pinterest, and I used of course Pic Collage to put them all together. It includes my personal, spiritual and career coals.


I also created one for the month of January, including my goals that way I can remember what I am working on, and that way it’s more organize and precise.


  I hope you guys enjoyed this post, go out there create your vision board, have fun, don’t be a perfectionist about it and  just do it! Creating a visual board has truly helped me accomplish my goals in the past few years, and has motivate me and inspired me.  If this post has inspired you to create one, share it on Instagram by using my hashtag #KreadivMisfit so I can check it out, and I will randomly pic one of you and you will get a FREE illustration done by yours truly.! Go out there and create ❤

 Much Love,

       Kreadiv Misfit

p.s: Winner will be announce at the end of this month!



All About Metallics!

Hello Friends!

  I hope you guys are doing great, it’s been a crazy busy season full of parties, shopping, planning, getting ready for the new year etc. Holiday parties are here and the struggle is real to find something to wear.  I was recently invited to a holiday party at one of my jobs and I honestly did not know what to wear. I didn’t want to go with all black even though that’s what my heart was craving, and I wanted to stay within my budget which it’s very challenging when you go to any store specially during this season.

I have been seeing a lot of people wearing metallics, I remember buying my first slip on shoes of metallics during the summer but didn’t know it was going to be so big during this holiday season. It was huge on the F/W 16 runways of Michael Kors, Tibi and one of my favorites Saint Laurent. So I decided to do my research and created a mood board for an inspired metallic look for this holiday festivities. I wanted to find a statement piece and also pair it up with pieces that I had in my closet, that way it would balance out and I didn’t have to spend too much money.

On this board you can see a variety of different metallics like silver, gold, holographic, copper, cherry, and rose. They can be paired with neutrals and yeah they will get you noticed but there are ways to make it look effortless.image

 I went to the mall and it was a disaster, it was so packed I got anxiety and honestly did not find anything that I liked. Going to a big store that has too much it overwhelms my eyes, so the next day after that adventure I decided to visit Francescas boutique. Everything was so organized, the sales associates and store managers were very friendly and helpful. After trying different dresses, I found this metallic dress. #WINNERimage

It was very comfortable, really good for my figure and not tight! I don’t like tight dresses and even though I like statement pieces I was a bit scared of how shiny it looked but hey I knew I had to take a risk. This dress was $48.00 which is not bad, it has adjustable straps and the lining inside was kind of silky and soft.


I didn’t want to just wear the dress by itself because it was going to be a cold night, and the party was not that fancy even though I was looking kind of fancy. So I wanted a piece that would make the dress tone down a bit and I remember that one of my really good friends last year gifted me this pleather Forever 21 jacket with some cool spikes details on the shoulder and I paired it together and it worked.


I know that maybe the spikes were a bit too much, but it was a small touch of punk, and it gave a special balance to my outfit. I knew I was taking a risk, but hey fashion is all about risks and sometimes things that you might never think that would go together, they might work if you try.image

It was a cold night and there was no way I was going wear open toe shoes, I love wearing boots and this is the season for it. Two years ago I found this suede ankle boots at Forever 21, they are very tall but have a good amount of support. I liked how it had that metallic gold touch in front of the heel and knew that they would work for my look.image

This is how my whole outfit looked for the holiday party that night! 

Hair: Slick pulled back.

Make up: Bold purple lip, cat eye, and soft eyeshadow.

Accessories: Small silver necklace, clear square silver earrings and silver bangles.


I hope this post inspired you and gave you an idea on how to pair up metallics this holiday season. I know it can look a bit scary, and maybe you are saying “oh that’s not for me” but like Bieber said “Never Say Never”! Go out there and try something new , don’t forget to also go into your closet and use what you have that way you can look great, feel great and save some money. I had people asking me about this outfit and how much money I spent, but it’s all about learning to find what works for you and using your resources. 

Happy holidays and don’t forget to shine!!

                                                         XOXO Kreadiv Misfit ❤

-FALLing Mood-

Hello Friends!

Week two of October and it has been going fast, at the beginning of this month I didn’t have time to really plan and organize my month due to life happening so fast, but I made sure that I sat down and plan my month ahead. I’m sure you heard or experienced that in Florida we recently had a hurricane, fortunately  nothing major happened we just lost work and certain areas lost power, but please keep Haiti in your prayers. I’m thankful that nothing happen and it’s a great reminder to not take things for granted and to love those around you.

Even though is the second week of October, is never too late to plan out your month, or write your monthly goals. So when I can I like to create a mood board that helps me to have my goals for the month, and inspiration for my creative projects. I like to look up Pinterest, Instagram and also just search through different sites like style caster and fashionista.  I like to gather all the images and organize them in categories, sometimes I create the boards on my iPad using the app pic collage, or just print the images and actually create an actual board.  So it’s never to late to plan out your monthly goals, or create  a visual that can help you stay organized and motivated, if you can; do it and have fun!.


LIFESTYLE: I like to place photos of images that motivate me to read more, like a book or the bible besides my devotionals. To take more time for myself  by doing something that I like, drinking coffee, hanging out with friends or going to a random solo adventure. This month I want to start running every morning and I want to find a recipe which I have never done and make it so stay tune.


FASHION:  Boots and jackets season is here, but let’s not forget that we can still wear certain things specially if you live in a warm weather city. I  found some of the most cool looks and items for this fall so I can re-create them with what I have in my closet.


BEAUTY & HAIR: I am honestly a rookie when it comes to make up, but I like to get ideas from YouTube or Pinterest to do a smokey eye or get that right lip color. I also like to style, color and cut my hair different when a new season begins. I am transitioning into a lighter hair color so I like to look at different ideas.

imageNAILS: Who doesn’t love nails? This month I would love to try a new color and wouldn’t mind designs. Love this soft colors that I found.


ART: I am working on a lot of creative projects and I like to have a visual of things that inspire me to create. I love the illustrations from other artist because of their style, also a lot of this pieces of work include the Pantone colors that are trending this year.


I hope you guys enjoyed my fall mood boards, now go make one! ❤

ART Therapy

Hello Friends!

I cannot believe that October is here already, it’s crazy how this year has literally gone by. I want to thank you for reading my blog, I know I been slacking because I haven’t been writing a lot, but it’s been crazy for me. I moved again last week and to be honest with you it has taken a toll on me. Life is just crazy, no one really teaches you how to adult so I am trying to make it work, just like Tim Gunn  would say. 

So besides the new changes in my life, it’s been hard to stay inspired or motivated. I been kinda in my cave and haven’t really gone out too much, so this weekend before the craziness started again, I wanted to go somewhere and look for inspiration. Sometimes we let certain things get on the way, but we can’t let that take over our dreams and goals that we have to achieve. So I had heard of this place “Artegon” which is in my hometown Orlando, FL. where I currently reside but not for too long, and it’s a huge marketplace. Artegon Marketplace is located in International Drive which is a tourist area, and to be honest I was not expecting what I saw. I needed to go out somewhere that didn’t have your typical stores, and what you expect to see at a mall, I needed color, details, objects, mediums I was looking for therapy, and I found it.

Art is truly my therapy because every time I feel creatively blocked, and in some sort of funk, I find a place, or something that has art in it and it really helps. Even just grabbing some paper and coloring it’t therapeutic, and I was doing some more research online about it and a couple of therapist advice their patients to get involved in art activities and exercises because it helps. There is art therapist out there for people who really need someone, but you can pick an art form and use that as your therapy. Anything that has creative expression can help a person improve their mental, emotional and physical state, and it can improve their quality of life. I have seen it in my personal life that, when I draw, or dance it helps me to reduce stress, to think better, and honestly to feel better about myself. 

I could have stayed in this weekend, and not go out there to this new place, but honestly it helped me so much to see so much art, colors, shapes, mediums, it was so different from your typical mall. I felt like I was in another place, so I hope you guys enjoy this post and get inspired and motivated to go out there even when you don’t feel like doing it. Think about what’s your therapy? is it shopping, going to the movies, meeting new people? anything that makes us happy and moves us in a way can be our therapy.

Once you walk in the place it’s so big but you can start from anywhere, I started on a walking gallery and the first piece I saw was this Heart piece which was so great, it’s all graffiti. I loved the combination of elements and if you look at the photograph closer you can  see the animals. 

Artist: German Lemus


This wall reminds me of New York so much, the progress of the city and people think is a city of just high fashion but there is so much more than that, it’s an art gallery.

Artist: Special Sons 


I love this corner pieces, its combination of colors, and the rendering it’s so cool.

Artist: Special Sons


One of the many things that you should know about me is that I love hip hop, the real hip hop and this wall of the spray cans and  the art frames spoke so much to me about hip hop and it’s culture. (Blog post about hip hop coming soon.)

Artist: Special Sons 


I love Lions, they represent for me power and royalty. If you look closer the eyes are made of CD’s who uses those anymore? I know about that life, haha I still have some in my car.

Artist: German Lemus


There are a couple of walls that had some quotes, so many statements!blog-23

This is actually a store, it’s called Brooklyn Street Threads!  You can find items like hats,  t-shirts, mugs with that Brooklyn urban fashion flair.  


Brooklyn Street Threads 

Here I am! haha in front of this wall of paint brushes. When I first saw it from a far, it looks like the shape of our country, and I love the fact that there are so many colors because that’s out country, so diverse.  

Dress: Victoria’s Secret                                                                                                                                    Shoes: Adidas Originals


Over 14 feet! and it’s all yarn, such a unique piece.blog-19

Buckets of pain, all carefully placed together creating the shape of a heart.


Paint rollers with their handles facing up and down, such an original idea.blog-10

They used the top bucket of paint cans to make this piece.


Lampshades of different forms and styles.blog-18

One of my favorites was this wall full of chairs , all this chairs are different styles yet when you look from far away the volume and shape looks like they were all the same.blog-14

This R’n R’ Record Shop it’s so great, look how great that back wall is. One day that I have a loft I want to re-create that using old school records, I remember growing up and my parents using those.blog-15

You can find vintage records, collections of movies, I also saw pins and patches.

R’n R Records|Collectibles blog-16

There is also the Hyder Gallery which provides artist of all levels to network and put their ideas into canvas. You can’t take photos of the art work, but I took this picture because you can sign up for an art class & wine glass every Friday & Saturday Night. It’s a great gallery full of a combination of many artist and also it’s a great idea for a date night.

For more info:  http://www.artegonmarketplace.com/shop/hyder-gallery/


So one of my many goals is to visit Morocco, and Artegon has a shop called“Moroccan Bazaar”  which is full of imported goods, traditional ware, fabric scarves, hookahs and many more. blog-3

If you are like me and want to travel the world, there is this awesome store “Vegabond Traveler”  where you can find high quality leather bags  of all styles.


What an awesome random adventure! There are so many awesome shops, great walls and things to see. I definitely advice everyone who is a local or a visitor to check it out, Orlando is not just theme parks, there are so many talented people in this city it’s incredible, I am so honored to call Orlando my home, and wherever this road of life takes me I will never forget where I grew as a person and most importantly as an artist.  ❤

For more information check out:






A chic front row weekend!

Hey Friends!

I hope you guys had a great week, I know it was a busy one, so many things happening around and if you were involve in any fashion week events I feel you, there was a lot happening. This past weekend I had the pleasure to attend two major events in my hometown, and I was able to meet some great people and do what I love. I had some moments where I couldn’t believe what was happening, God knows how hard this season has been for me. From struggling with finances, feeling rejected from left to right, losing friends, and other challenges. He reminds me how important I am, how talented, how my gifts and talents can be use to bless others. So if you are dealing with something major in your life right now, know that you will get through this, and God always makes a way.img_7137-2

So Friday I was able to attend the Macy’s front row event, they pretty much had one around the country  I believe,  and had multiple of fashion icons host this event. Joe Zee who is the editor in chief of Yahoo style, and if you google him his resume is amazing, was the host of the event I attended in Orlando, FL. The first time I saw Joe in person was when I was shopping at Topshop at the Grove in LA. I got to the event right on time and my friend Laila grabbed me by the arm and said, “common Kathy we are meeting and taking pictures with Joe”!  I wish you guys could see my face, I was literally rushed but it was so much fun. Joe was so nice to everyone in the room, it was all bloggers, he said we looked very stylish and took pictures even selfies.


  • I wore a forever 21 leather jacket, Mossimo abstract dress, Christian Siriano magenta pumps which you can see on other pictures, and mixed jewelry from Rocksbox and other brands.


I also made some new friends, these are some of the VIP bloggers that attended the event.


Here are some of the looks that walked the runway, it was so much fun because I was sitting front row with all my new friends, and we were able to see everything so close and of course snap our lives away.


After the fun runway that we got to watch, we were given some goodies. We had some great complimentary drinks, a cotton candy station, and also a photo station to take pictures and take them home. macys-front-row-4

We were able to walk around and shop, everyone received a complimentary goodie bag with some coupons and other goodies. I wanted to look at the Iris Apfel Inc collection, the clothing was so funky, and hip. It took me to the seventies, and let’s not forget about the chunky jewelry, pieces that can really make a statement and out of my box. I bought two pieces which I will talk about in my next blog post.

img_7143-2Here are some of the other bloggers that I met, they were so nice and humble.macys-front-row-7

I was able to meet Melanie Pace (bottom left), she is a fashion expert. I have seen her work before, but on this night we were able to meet, and mingle for a little bit. I look forward to working with her and (bottom right) it’s blogger Laila who is a friend of mine, and my mentor in this new blogging venture;  I honestly admire both of this ladies so much.


The Next day, which was Saturday it was time to work. My friend Melrose from Chic Conviction which is a team of two bloggers that inspire other women with their personal stories, style, and social media platforms. They had an event at a local boutique, and I was invited to be their fashion illustrator.


I Illustrated some of the guest that came into the event, some of them didn’t know what a fashion illustrator was, which I was very surprised because illustration is a big part of the fashion industry. I met some great people, made new friends, they all shared their passions with me, and it was such a blessing. In this picture is my new friend Andrea, I loved her outfit & personality. She was the first one I was able to illustrate, then it was a bit overwhelming because everyone kept coming, so I took photos and while they were shopping around I finished their illustration and gave it to them later.


This were some of the guest I illustrated as well, it was such an honor too meet like minded people and so kind hearted!



At the end of the day, we all want to make it. We have so many dreams, goals and things we want to achieve. The journey is so hard, is lonely and misunderstood sometimes, but along the way we meet great people that bring joy, support and encouragement to our lives, and throughout this crazy journey, I have learned that is not so much about me but about others. So keep dreaming big, keep being you and don’t give up because greater things are coming your way.!


Much love to you guys ❤