Simply Miami Pop-Up Event

Hello Friends!

Welcome to my part II of my Miami adventures. So besides visiting the Miami Design District which you probably saw in my last post. I also traveled to Miami for the first Simply Stylist pop-up event with Coppertone. I am also writing this blog in Spanish, find translation at the bottom.

[ Bienvenidos a la segunda parte de mis aventuras en Miami. A parte de visitar el Miami Design District, tuve la oportunidad de atender el primer evento que Simply Stylist que hicieron en Miami con Coppertone. ]


I have been a Simply Stylist follower for a while. Before I was a blogger while I was in design school. I attended one of their conferences which are held at the Grove in LA, and it was so helpful. I learned about fashion blogging, networking, styling and tips on social media. They are having a great conference coming up this summer so I highly recommend you go ahead check it out.

[ Yo e sido una seguidora de Simply Stylist por un buen tiempo. Cuando yo estaba estudiando diseño en los Angeles, tuve la oportunidad de atender una de las conferencias y me ayudo mucho porque aprendi mucho antes de empesar mi carrera como blogera. Aprendi mas de estilo de diseño, redes sociales y acerca del negocio de el mundo de las famosas blogs.]


The event was held at the Eden Rock Miami Beach Resort. When I arrived the first thing I saw was this beautiful wall created with numerous flowers. Whoever created this wall did a great job. This was THE place to take the pics and showcase the product as well.

 [El evento fue en el hotel Eden Rock Miami Beach Resort. El hotel es muy bonito y cerca a la playa. Cuando llegue lo primero que vi fue la pared que ven aqui en la foto, me gusto mucho porque era echa en flores. La persona que creo esta creacion hizo un muy buen trabajo. Esta pared era para tomar las fotos y mostrar el producto.]


There were three different stations. The first one was Coppertone which was the major sponsor on this event. There were two aestheticians who took a look at my skin and told me I needed a little bit of more sun. Yeah I don’t get much sun but they shared with me a couple of tips on how to take care of my skin.

Their new clearly sheer whipped sunscreen goes on your skin smoothly and absorbs quickly.  It helps your skin to feel smooth and not heavy,  water resistant, UVA/UVB protection and wont’t clog your pores. It’s so smooth and easy to use. Stella the aesthetician taught me to use it before putting on my foundation and through out the day I applied that way I wouldn’t get sun burn since it was such a hot day.

I highly recommend that you guys use this product. You don’t want to get skin cancer or damage your skin in any type of way, specially since summer is around the corner. For more info check out .

[ Habian tres diferentes secciones. La primera era de Coppertone, que fueron los patrocinadores del evento. El evento era acerca de como protegerse la piel especialmente que el verano ya empiesa. Habian dos estecistas que estudiaron mi piel y me dijeron que tengo que tomar mas sol. Que tengo que usar este producto que es muy bueno, y a buen precio antes de ponerme maquillaje. El nuevo producto no es tan cremoso, resistente al agua, se siente muy suave en la piel y protege bastante. Ese dia Miami estuvo muy caliente y cada rato tuve que estar poniendome crema para no quemarme. Porfavor protejan su piel y si quieren mas informacion de este producto, aqui esta la informacion para que se eduquen mas. .]


There were other stations, the other one was reading of the lipstick. It was a small consultation and they would advice you what colors to wear and how to take care of your lips. The last one was all about nail care. They had great products from this company LVX which are products vegan & cruelty free. Very smooth, creamy and long lasting . Currently wearing their nail polish and it’s so nice.

[ Tenian dos estaciones mas. Una te leian el color de los labios. Y le aconsejaban a uno que color usar y como cuidarse los labios. La ultima estacion era de solo el cuidado de la uñas. Tenian productos de la compañia LVX que se enfocan en proveer productos de buena marca libre de crueldad y vegana. Estoy en estos momentos usando un esmalte de esta compañia y es muy bonito y suave.]


IMG_0411 2



The stations were decorated so pretty. They had intax Mini polaroid cameras so us influencers & bloggers can take photos. There were cupcakes, water, champagne,  popsicles a variety of delicious snacks throughout the event.

[ Las estaciones estaban decoradas muy bonitas. Tenian camaras intax para tomar fotos. Habia agua, champaña, pastelitos, paletas y otros pasabocas.]


I met many influencers and bloggers. Women that have great sense of style and have a heart for this industry. No competition but support only. I felt like I knew these women for a while and can’t wait to colab with them in the future. There were other major bloggers I met that I admire so much, Kelly Sacks and Angela Cruz. It was nice to meet Brandi Cyrus and see Sarah Pollack Boyd who is the founder of Simply Stylist. I had met her in LA back in my first conference. Women who are making a difference in the industry and inspire me so much. 

[ Tuve el placer de conocer muchas blogeras y influenciadoras que tienen un gran estilo y corazon para esta industria. Nada de competencia si no solo apoyo. Senti como si conociera estas muchachas por mucho tiempo y no puedo esperar hasta que pueda trabajar con ellas en el futuro. Conoci otras blogeras que admiro mucho como Kelly Sacks y Angela Cruz. Conoci a Brandi Cyrus y volvi a ver a Sarah Pollack Boyd la fundadora de Simply Stylist que la conoci en mi primera conferencia en Los Angeles. Mujeres que admiro mucho en este medio y me inspiran a ser mejor. ]



It was such a great weekend surrounded by so many awesome people, learning about skin protection and inspired to learn and grow more in this industry.  I thank God for my brother who went with me, who took my photos and who is my right hand in all my projects.  Big thanks to Simply Stylist and Coppertone for a great event and all the goodies I got.

Thank you guys for reading this post. I hope you guys enjoyed it, learned a little and be encourage to go out there and follow your dreams and passions.

[ Fue un fin de semana muy chevre. Estar rodeada de tantas personas que admiro, aprendi mucho del cuidado de la piel y como ser mejor en esta industria . Le agradesco a Dios por mi hermano que me acompaño a este evento y siempre me apoya con todos mis proyectos y me toma todas mis fotos. Gracias a Simply Stylist y a Coppertone por la invitacion y los regalos que me dieron.

Gracias por leer mi blog espero que les haya gustado mucho y sigan sus sueños y no se rindan.]


Con Mucho Cariño,



Photography by:  Nicolas Bolanos

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Miami Adventures Part I

Hey Friends!!

So excited to share with you guys my latest adventure. I have mentioned before this season has been rough for me, and it’s good to get away. It’s very refreshing to be in another place surrounded by different things.

Over the weekend I was able to finally visit The Miami Design District in Miami, FL. I was in Miami for an event which I will share in part II of this series.

Miami has been known for great beaches, nightlife, food and other great places. But it has gotten more popular due to to this new edition. It’s located in South of Lemon, (little Haiti) which were a bunch of old houses that now have been now converted into very luxurious retail stores, art galleries, restaurants and cafes.  

Whenever you can,  take a trip to the beautiful Miami and check it out! here are some photos of the stores, details and art I found.


Details on the walls are crafted in such a unique way!IMG_0302IMG_0301img_0299.jpgIMG_0306IMG_0308IMG_8040

Jungle By 2X4

IMG_8092IMG_8075IMG_8045IMG_8108IMG_8117Miami 23IMG_0364IMG_0369

I also have a YouTube Vlog on my channel so you can check it out! ❤



Jumper dress: Urban Outfitters

White Plain top: Urban Outfitters

Bandana: Francesca’s

Kicks: Adidas Gazelles

Glasses: ZeroUV

Hat: TopShop

It was a little preview but there is so much out there to see, I can’t wait to go back. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and stay tune for part II of my Miami adventures.

Much love friends.


Kreadiv Misfit

Photography By: Nicolas Bolanos

Sunglasses Trend

Hey Friends!

Happy Tuesday! another week to be productive, get things done and live your life. Also have you guys seen all the awesome sunglasses that are  trending?

OMG! so many retro, round, big styles that celebrities, influencers and other peeps  are wearing now a days. I feel like every time I’m on Instagram or Pinterest I run into a post of someone wearing some great shades.


My metallic pair of fave sunnies ran out of time, R.IP! So I started doing my research for some new ones and on Pinterest I  found an awesome and affordable company of sunnies called ZeroUV .


I found some great sunglasses! Great for both men and women. I liked the presentation of their website and all their social media channels. When I subscribed to their mailing list they sent me a coupon to use for my first purchase.

Keeping it real I was a bit afraid of purchasing my sunnies online. I usually get them from local boutiques or random shopping adventures but after seeing all their great reviews, I took the leap and BAM!! done deal.



I found this retro hippie oversized round ones. They are so cool, and I really wanted a piece that made a statement. I have worn them a couple of times and have gotten great responses.

ZeroUV is very legit, by the way this post is not sponsored by them. I’m just sharing my experience with them and recent sunglasses trends. They are very professional, the package arrived on time and secured. The glasses arrived in a small box, wrapped very carefully in a plastic bag and it came with the microfiber bag to keep them safe and clean.

Here are some of my looks with my new retro sunnies!



The cool thing is that I can wear them with anything ❤


Hope you all enjoy this post, would love to hear your feedback on what would you friends would like me to share more on this blog. Have a great week and rock your own style.!




Photography By: Nicolas Bolanos

P.S: This post is not sponsored by ZeroUV.


Simply Casual

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Hey Friends!

The weekend is almost here guys, so let’s keep pushing and finish the week strong. Today I wanted to share with you guys one of my cozy simply outfits.

Kathy Blog 5

As much as I love to dress up sometimes, and change my style a little bit here and there. There are days that I just want to be casual. I love a cute t-shirt, some stretch denim and of course my favorite sneakers.

Kathy Blog 4

About two weeks ago I found this cute graphic tee at Francesca’s Boutique. I usually don’t wear t-shirts with statements on it, but I kinda liked what it said. It’s very comfortable, flowy and not heavy at all. I believe the fabric is a mixture of polyester and rayon.


I like to wear a lot of denim, usually dark denim but I found this washed out stretchy  jeans at Styles for less. Since I am not very tall I have to fold the bottom of  my jeans so I can have a proportioned outfit. My cute bag is actually a phone that it works haha and it’s from Betsey Johnson. 

Tip: No matter what, always add a statement accessory to your outfit.


Mint in Spring! 

Pastels are huge during this season, but what’s trending right now is MINT. I love anything mint and when I saw this low top Adidas Gazelles, “I died” like my fashion icon Rachel Zoe would say.

I have been a lover of Adidas since I was 12. I worked as a sales associate years ago and learned so much about the brand. There are so many great sneaker brands out there, but Adidas always has a special place in my heart. Their quality is great and designs are very unique in comparison to others in my opinion.

Gazelles started as a sport shoe. It was a performance shoe for a while , but later on it translated more into the fashion industry  by people wearing them more in their daily outfits. I found this great article in regards to the history of this shoe if you want to read more about it.

A little throwback to the 90’s this gazelles are pigskin leather, it has the triple stripes detail on the sides. Trefoil logo on the tongue of the shoe and heel tab. Very comfy, and wearable with a variety of pieces.


Thank you guys for taking the time and reading this post. Hope you guys have a great weekend.



Photography By: Nicolas Bolanos

P.S: This post was not sponsored by any of the above brands.

Shopping Tips

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Happy April Friends!

I can’t believe how time is flying, I apologize for being so absent. It’s been a crazy past couple of months, but I am back and committed to blog more. So let’s get straight to the point.

Last weekend I decided to go on a small shopping spree. Before I went on this journey because you know it’s going to be an interesting journey dealing with so much when it comes to shopping. I did a couple of things to make sure I survived and stayed on track, I wanted to share with you guys my tips so next time when you go shopping you can have a great experience.

  1.  What I did was I organized my closet and got rid of things that I didn’t need. Then I made a list of items that I thought that were necessary.  Like basic shirts and jeans which is what I use mostly.  This is helpful because I honestly didn’t want to get items that I didn’t really need and of course trying to stay on budget.


2. I did research on what stores near me where offering deals, I planned on going to local boutiques and I wanted to see what specials and deals were going on.

3. After doing some online research, I created a budget. I had $200.00 to spend and I didn’t want to go over. Creating a budget helps you to stay focus, also bringing cash too.!

4.  Going to big department stores really overwhelmed me and gives me anxiety, so I go to small local boutiques that have good quality items. If you get a little anxious and feel weird in big stores just find small local ones that way you can focus more and enjoy your shopping experience.

5. Once you have try an item I advice you to check for the following:


Hand of fabric





Loose Thread

color & texture

I advice you to ALWAYS  check this because items can be damaged or get damaged later on. Also If you really like the item you are purchasing, speak to the sales associate and they might give you a 10% discount.


6. During the week stores are usually empty and more relaxed. Weekends are very hectic due to most of the people being off and trying to go shopping. If you do go on the weekends, make sure you eat a good breakfast or lunch and drink plenty of water.

7. Focus on Quality over Quantity. unfortunately some people think that buying items for less is the way to save but honestly is not. Being able to work in the fashion industry has really opened my eyes to the process of fashion which I will definitely share more about it on another blog post. Please INVEST in quality pieces that you can wear a couple of times trust me you will save money.


8. Online shopping it’s a very smart, comfortable and easy.  You can find tons of deals online and sometimes even free shipping. Just make sure that whichever website you are using it’s safe. Sometimes certain sites can hack your information, if you don’t feel safe using your debit card, use a credit card, gift card or pay pal.

I hope you guys find these tips helpful. I wanted to do something different and I created these illustrations using Prismacolor markers and cleaning them a little bit on Photoshop. Let me know if you have any other tips on shopping, I would like to learn more too.

Have a great Easter weekend !



Who’s your Fashion Icon?

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Hello Friends!

Time is flying and I am really trying to blog more and not hold back any ideas that I have. It’s Saturday night and I keep seeing my friends pictures or IG stories partying, traveling or doing something fun. Even though I would like to be doing the same things, there is work to do and I enjoy it, but in order to be better there are sacrifices to make.

The past month I found on YouTube the Rachel Zoe Project. I know what you are thinking, What?? Even though I have known about Rachel for years, I did not know she had a show and I remember the year that show was on I was working and in school full-time. So there was no time for any TV.


Anyways I got hooked on this show and I watched till I was able to.  Of course I couldn’t finish it because there were no more seasons available, and yeah it was sad because I wanted to continue to learn and see how it ended. I did not know Rachel Zoe was such a girl boss.

I truly enjoyed her show because she definitely shared her experience and wisdom regarding fashion. Rachel started as a freelance stylist. From there on she became known for styling celebrities and working with different brands. In the show I saw how she knew vocabulary and I mean what kind of fabrics, styles and trends. It’s so hard to see that now a days since everyone wants to be a fashion expert but many lack foundation and experience.

Rachel Zoe it’s my fashion Icon because she has been committed to her style. I was looking for images of her style, and all of them are very cohesive to what she wears. She doesn’t try to be like anyone else, she has her own style and doesn’t let society change her.


Huge Sunny’s as she calls it, lots of statement accessories. great hats, designer purses,  flowy clothes and 6 inch heals.  “To Die For'” as Rachel would say.!

After dressing so many great celebrities, getting the respect for being a well-known Stylist. Rachel moved on to be a Fashion Designer. This woman is an entrepreneur, and I admire that she is not only a girl boss but a wife and a mother which is bananas.

Besides admiring her great sense of style, dedication to the fashion industry and also what she has accomplished. Rachel has been through major challenges in her personal life, from people turning their backs on her, using her, judging her and dealing with health issues, she has persevere through it all. Rachel has made it and continues to go after what she wants no matter what.

It’s such a great reminder to see how people we admire have overcome obstacles, and achieved their dreams while staying true to themselves and not compromising. If they have made it, we can too.  I hope that one day I get to meet her, and work with her.! 

Here is my Illustration of Rachel Zoe!

Processed with VSCO with se3 preset

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, thank you for your love and let me know who is your fashion icon. Have a great weekend.!


Kreadiv Misfit

Images:  Found on Google

Illustration: By YoursTruly 

March Mood

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Hello Friends!

It’s Tuesday and it kinda feels like a Monday. So if you are dragging today, no worries you are not the only one. Friday is almost here.!

So What’s your mood this month?

As you know I love love love Pinterest, whenever I feel uninspired I just start to search for random things and ideas start to pop. I know Spring is here, there are so many things trending out there for it but everyone is different and even though I love to learn what’s trending, I don’t like to follow all the trends out there.  I like to create my own trends and find images that speak to me. So go out there find what inspires you and create your trend. Set your mood.!



Blue Sky

Blush Pink

Plain White


Dark Royal Blue



80’s Ruffles

Bold Stripes

Denim Jackets



Round Statement Glasses

Nike air Max White

Adidas Superstars Light Pink

Inspired of what is trending out there and a couple

of fashion icons I follow, I hope you found this post helpful.

Be a trendsetter, have fun with whatever you are wearing and don’t forget to

enjoy every walk, every adventure out there. Have a great week friends. ❤


Kreadiv Misfit



Edited By: Victoria Haroon