Miami Adventures Part I

Hey Friends!!

So excited to share with you guys my latest adventure. I have mentioned before this season has been rough for me, and it’s good to get away. It’s very refreshing to be in another place surrounded by different things.

Over the weekend I was able to finally visit The Miami Design District in Miami, FL. I was in Miami for an event which I will share in part II of this series.

Miami has been known for great beaches, nightlife, food and other great places. But it has gotten more popular due to to this new edition. It’s located in South of Lemon, (little Haiti) which were a bunch of old houses that now have been now converted into very luxurious retail stores, art galleries, restaurants and cafes.  

Whenever you can,  take a trip to the beautiful Miami and check it out! here are some photos of the stores, details and art I found.


Details on the walls are crafted in such a unique way!IMG_0302IMG_0301img_0299.jpgIMG_0306IMG_0308IMG_8040

Jungle By 2X4

IMG_8092IMG_8075IMG_8045IMG_8108IMG_8117Miami 23IMG_0364IMG_0369

I also have a YouTube Vlog on my channel so you can check it out! ❤



Jumper dress: Urban Outfitters

White Plain top: Urban Outfitters

Bandana: Francesca’s

Kicks: Adidas Gazelles

Glasses: ZeroUV

Hat: TopShop

It was a little preview but there is so much out there to see, I can’t wait to go back. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and stay tune for part II of my Miami adventures.

Much love friends.


Kreadiv Misfit

Photography By: Nicolas Bolanos

Pitti Uomo 2017

Hello Darlings!!

Let’s pack your bags, your imagination and creativity and let’s travel to Florence Italy! Italy is known for their beautiful scenery, vineyards, food, art and culture but also for their taste in fashion. You know how in New York we have New York Fashion Week, in Italy there is also Milan Fashion week where  some of the class brands like Prada, Gucci, and Armani are of Origin. As a fashion influencer and future designer, I have to always be on top of my game. I have to keep up with the latest news in fashion, what’s going on, which new brands are coming out and so on. Sometimes we focus on just looking at Pinterest , Fashion websites or Instagram to know what’s going on in fashion and yeah it is helpful but we need to learn that there is more out there, and that’s why I wanted to create this post and teach you all about Pitti Uomo, so let’s do this!


 Pitti Uomo is one of the world’s most important platform’s for men’s clothing,

accessory collections, and for launching new projects for men’s fashion. A four-day event held in Florence, Italy and has been around since 1972. Many retailers, buyers,  editors attend to view the upcoming collections, and since blogging has growing so much, there were many influencers and bloggers that attend the event and share on social media that now it is really well-known.

Recently 1,200 brands presented which draws 25, 000 buyers, and in Italy the govt has upped the quota for the fashion industry from 23 million euros to 24.3 million about 3 years ago according to WWD magazine, they continue to support the fashion industry which is well-known for their great fabrics and tailoring. 


Check out this video on YouTube  so you can learn more!


As you guys know I love doing illustrations from my favorite fashion shows or events, when I found out about Pitti I started doing my research,  learned more about it and started following a lot of bloggers and influencers. I love menswear and the details and how clean and precise some of the items are.

Here are some of my favorite street style looks:


Here are these two fashionable men Rui Martins and Niccolo Cesari .

They are both very well-known for their style and passion for fashion, I love the details on their coats and accessories.

Check them out on Instagram:



When I saw this image on the feed from Pitti, it caught my eye because of the powerful play of patterns. JJ88Fashionist  makes it look so chill, he is just looking at the news but in such a fashionable way making a statement.


Ladies!! we can rock suits too, not only the guys made a statement at Pitti but there

were some pretty stylish women that brought their A game! I was very excited to see women represent by looking powerful and also chic. Here is Monika Kaminska  wearing 

a RTW harvey suit and looking so sharp. So yeah we as women can rock a dress and a tailored suit as well.

I had such a great time creating this looks, and learning about Pitti.I encourage you to go out there and learn about what’s going on in the world, thank you for taking the time and reading my post I hope you enjoy it and that you were able to learn something new.



                                       Kreadiv Misfit ❤


ART Therapy

Hello Friends!

I cannot believe that October is here already, it’s crazy how this year has literally gone by. I want to thank you for reading my blog, I know I been slacking because I haven’t been writing a lot, but it’s been crazy for me. I moved again last week and to be honest with you it has taken a toll on me. Life is just crazy, no one really teaches you how to adult so I am trying to make it work, just like Tim Gunn  would say. 

So besides the new changes in my life, it’s been hard to stay inspired or motivated. I been kinda in my cave and haven’t really gone out too much, so this weekend before the craziness started again, I wanted to go somewhere and look for inspiration. Sometimes we let certain things get on the way, but we can’t let that take over our dreams and goals that we have to achieve. So I had heard of this place “Artegon” which is in my hometown Orlando, FL. where I currently reside but not for too long, and it’s a huge marketplace. Artegon Marketplace is located in International Drive which is a tourist area, and to be honest I was not expecting what I saw. I needed to go out somewhere that didn’t have your typical stores, and what you expect to see at a mall, I needed color, details, objects, mediums I was looking for therapy, and I found it.

Art is truly my therapy because every time I feel creatively blocked, and in some sort of funk, I find a place, or something that has art in it and it really helps. Even just grabbing some paper and coloring it’t therapeutic, and I was doing some more research online about it and a couple of therapist advice their patients to get involved in art activities and exercises because it helps. There is art therapist out there for people who really need someone, but you can pick an art form and use that as your therapy. Anything that has creative expression can help a person improve their mental, emotional and physical state, and it can improve their quality of life. I have seen it in my personal life that, when I draw, or dance it helps me to reduce stress, to think better, and honestly to feel better about myself. 

I could have stayed in this weekend, and not go out there to this new place, but honestly it helped me so much to see so much art, colors, shapes, mediums, it was so different from your typical mall. I felt like I was in another place, so I hope you guys enjoy this post and get inspired and motivated to go out there even when you don’t feel like doing it. Think about what’s your therapy? is it shopping, going to the movies, meeting new people? anything that makes us happy and moves us in a way can be our therapy.

Once you walk in the place it’s so big but you can start from anywhere, I started on a walking gallery and the first piece I saw was this Heart piece which was so great, it’s all graffiti. I loved the combination of elements and if you look at the photograph closer you can  see the animals. 

Artist: German Lemus


This wall reminds me of New York so much, the progress of the city and people think is a city of just high fashion but there is so much more than that, it’s an art gallery.

Artist: Special Sons 


I love this corner pieces, its combination of colors, and the rendering it’s so cool.

Artist: Special Sons


One of the many things that you should know about me is that I love hip hop, the real hip hop and this wall of the spray cans and  the art frames spoke so much to me about hip hop and it’s culture. (Blog post about hip hop coming soon.)

Artist: Special Sons 


I love Lions, they represent for me power and royalty. If you look closer the eyes are made of CD’s who uses those anymore? I know about that life, haha I still have some in my car.

Artist: German Lemus


There are a couple of walls that had some quotes, so many statements!blog-23

This is actually a store, it’s called Brooklyn Street Threads!  You can find items like hats,  t-shirts, mugs with that Brooklyn urban fashion flair.  


Brooklyn Street Threads 

Here I am! haha in front of this wall of paint brushes. When I first saw it from a far, it looks like the shape of our country, and I love the fact that there are so many colors because that’s out country, so diverse.  

Dress: Victoria’s Secret                                                                                                                                    Shoes: Adidas Originals


Over 14 feet! and it’s all yarn, such a unique

Buckets of pain, all carefully placed together creating the shape of a heart.


Paint rollers with their handles facing up and down, such an original

They used the top bucket of paint cans to make this piece.


Lampshades of different forms and

One of my favorites was this wall full of chairs , all this chairs are different styles yet when you look from far away the volume and shape looks like they were all the

This R’n R’ Record Shop it’s so great, look how great that back wall is. One day that I have a loft I want to re-create that using old school records, I remember growing up and my parents using

You can find vintage records, collections of movies, I also saw pins and patches.

R’n R Records|Collectibles blog-16

There is also the Hyder Gallery which provides artist of all levels to network and put their ideas into canvas. You can’t take photos of the art work, but I took this picture because you can sign up for an art class & wine glass every Friday & Saturday Night. It’s a great gallery full of a combination of many artist and also it’s a great idea for a date night.

For more info:


So one of my many goals is to visit Morocco, and Artegon has a shop called“Moroccan Bazaar”  which is full of imported goods, traditional ware, fabric scarves, hookahs and many more. blog-3

If you are like me and want to travel the world, there is this awesome store “Vegabond Traveler”  where you can find high quality leather bags  of all styles.


What an awesome random adventure! There are so many awesome shops, great walls and things to see. I definitely advice everyone who is a local or a visitor to check it out, Orlando is not just theme parks, there are so many talented people in this city it’s incredible, I am so honored to call Orlando my home, and wherever this road of life takes me I will never forget where I grew as a person and most importantly as an artist.  ❤

For more information check out:






Do What you love, no matter what!

Hello friends!  I wanna ask you,  what do you love to do?? I really encourage you to take some time today, and think about you love to do.  We are all trying to make it, work work work ( like Rihanna would say) , and we forget the things we love to do, we get so caught up sometimes that those things that made us happy one day, we don’t pursue anymore.

Since I was little I loved to draw, I was fortunate to graduate two years ago from FIDM (Fashion Institute of design & merchandising). I specialized in fashion design because I was always interested in how things were made, and the process of how fashion came alive. I have to be honest, I did not have a life, I was always busy, had many projects but it was worth it. One of the things that I learned & became really good at, was illustration. It has been really hard for me to find a job in the fashion industry, I have been able to do some freelance jobs, but I would like something more stable. In the middle of trying to adult, and trying to make it,  I forgot one of the things that I love to do the most. Which is drawing, specially sketching looks from fashion shows, or awesome outfit photographs that I find on Pinterest.

So this week I started to dedicate one hour to sketching , and I am currently working on a menswear series, I love menswear and I know one day I will be able to design for them. As for now I’ll keep sketching and applying, believing that one day someone will appreciate my work and give me a chance.


This are some of the tools and magazines that I use for my projects. I really like to mix markers, and paint so the drawings can look more alive, it also adds variety and a cool touch to it.IMG_6701

This is the original photograph I found on Pinterest, I loved the color, and how cool his outfit looked.

Photograph from


I used a light A2 pencil to sketch the drawing, it helps to draw with a light pencil because, it’s easier to erase in case there is a mistake.

4 final blog

For the jacket I had to mix white, blue and green to make the color teal, if you are in need of creating teal for any of your projects, there is the tip.

7 blogPainting jacket

Little by little I took care of every detail, for the pants and jacket I used paint, and for the sneakers I used prismacolor markers.

6 final blog

Since the Jacket has stripes, I drew the stripes with a micro O8 pen. Also used it for the hands, jewelry and details on the shoes.

5 final blog

And…..this is the final product!! It took me almost an hour to get all the details done, and i had to made sure that colors look good.
3 final Blog

These are some of the books I use for my illustrations, I took classes from one of the best fashion illustrators Nancy Riegelman. She is amazing, and has done so much work for the fashion industry. Learning from her was a blessing, and she taught me to follow my passion, and to continue to pursue it no matter what.


So friends, whatever is it that you love doing, I encourage you to go and do it. Money is not everything, yeah we want to get paid for what we love doing, but is not always like that. Your reward might not yet be financially,  but you can inspire, motivate or impact someone’s life with what you love to do, and that’s what really matters. Hope you enjoy this post, please share or leave me a comment.  Have a great Labor day weekend! ❤

   Much love,

Kreadiv Misfit

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