I am a twenty….something born in  Colombia and have lived in America most of my life. Age of 3 DANCE became the love of my life, through out the years I had to experience some crazy and hurtful seasons that shaped me into a stronger, wiser and braver person. I have evolved into a multi-talented individual and finally understood I was never meant to fit in. Currently trying to make it work with the challenges of everyday life, like bills and adulting which is not even a word haha but it makes sense. Cannot pick one thing to do, but want to do it all. Believer of Jesus, huge wanderlust, a  lot of associates but few close friends. Single because I won’t settle for anyone that does not value my worth, and new to this new platform, so here we goooo.!!!

In the past few months that I have been blogging I have learned so much about myself and this platform. I want this platform to be a place where you whoever is reading this can go to get inspired, to gain knowledge, learn something and feel good.! If you felt like you never fit in, well this is your place. I am passionate about blogging and as well as the other things that I do in life, so enjoy every post and lets be friends. ❤



~The Power of Illustration~ A little bit about my work and myself

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At the beginning of this year, Kohl’s really liked my post of my new year outfit and asked me if I could be featured on their social gallery on their page.

Thanks Kohl’s!

Social Gallery Kohl’s