Who’s your Fashion Icon?

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Hello Friends!

Time is flying and I am really trying to blog more and not hold back any ideas that I have. It’s Saturday night and I keep seeing my friends pictures or IG stories partying, traveling or doing something fun. Even though I would like to be doing the same things, there is work to do and I enjoy it, but in order to be better there are sacrifices to make.

The past month I found on YouTube the Rachel Zoe Project. I know what you are thinking, What?? Even though I have known about Rachel for years, I did not know she had a show and I remember the year that show was on I was working and in school full-time. So there was no time for any TV.


Anyways I got hooked on this show and I watched till I was able to.  Of course I couldn’t finish it because there were no more seasons available, and yeah it was sad because I wanted to continue to learn and see how it ended. I did not know Rachel Zoe was such a girl boss.

I truly enjoyed her show because she definitely shared her experience and wisdom regarding fashion. Rachel started as a freelance stylist. From there on she became known for styling celebrities and working with different brands. In the show I saw how she knew vocabulary and I mean what kind of fabrics, styles and trends. It’s so hard to see that now a days since everyone wants to be a fashion expert but many lack foundation and experience.

Rachel Zoe it’s my fashion Icon because she has been committed to her style. I was looking for images of her style, and all of them are very cohesive to what she wears. She doesn’t try to be like anyone else, she has her own style and doesn’t let society change her.


Huge Sunny’s as she calls it, lots of statement accessories. great hats, designer purses,  flowy clothes and 6 inch heals.  “To Die For'” as Rachel would say.!

After dressing so many great celebrities, getting the respect for being a well-known Stylist. Rachel moved on to be a Fashion Designer. This woman is an entrepreneur, and I admire that she is not only a girl boss but a wife and a mother which is bananas.

Besides admiring her great sense of style, dedication to the fashion industry and also what she has accomplished. Rachel has been through major challenges in her personal life, from people turning their backs on her, using her, judging her and dealing with health issues, she has persevere through it all. Rachel has made it and continues to go after what she wants no matter what.

It’s such a great reminder to see how people we admire have overcome obstacles, and achieved their dreams while staying true to themselves and not compromising. If they have made it, we can too.  I hope that one day I get to meet her, and work with her.! 

Here is my Illustration of Rachel Zoe!

Processed with VSCO with se3 preset

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, thank you for your love and let me know who is your fashion icon. Have a great weekend.!


Kreadiv Misfit

Images:  Found on Google

Illustration: By YoursTruly 


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