March Mood

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Hello Friends!

It’s Tuesday and it kinda feels like a Monday. So if you are dragging today, no worries you are not the only one. Friday is almost here.!

So What’s your mood this month?

As you know I love love love Pinterest, whenever I feel uninspired I just start to search for random things and ideas start to pop. I know Spring is here, there are so many things trending out there for it but everyone is different and even though I love to learn what’s trending, I don’t like to follow all the trends out there.  I like to create my own trends and find images that speak to me. So go out there find what inspires you and create your trend. Set your mood.!



Blue Sky

Blush Pink

Plain White


Dark Royal Blue



80’s Ruffles

Bold Stripes

Denim Jackets



Round Statement Glasses

Nike air Max White

Adidas Superstars Light Pink

Inspired of what is trending out there and a couple

of fashion icons I follow, I hope you found this post helpful.

Be a trendsetter, have fun with whatever you are wearing and don’t forget to

enjoy every walk, every adventure out there. Have a great week friends. ❤


Kreadiv Misfit



Edited By: Victoria Haroon




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