What Scares You?

Hello Friends!

 So it’s Halloween, and I know most of you guys are probably out and about trick or treating, going to a party or like me working. Well not really working but doing something that you enjoy, and I truly enjoy blogging. I was having a rough time coming up with content, you know sometimes looking at other blogs makes you doubt your own work, but I continue to fight against that doubt and keep it real, me and different. 

Since we are in the Halloween spirit, for those of you who celebrate it or not, I wanted to write about things that scare me. I have to be honest I do not like scary movies, or any scary things. Some of my friends make fun of me because I’m such a baby at that, but let’s talk about the real life scary things that scare us, the  things that sometimes we like to share or we just like to prefer to keep it to ourselves. So I illustrated some of my fears, and whatever fear you are facing right now just know that you will overcome it.

  1. ) Waste of TIME:  I am so scared sometimes of doing certain things that might not really help me grow in my career, like working two different kind of jobs because I have to adult rather than really doing something I enjoy more. Don’t get me wrong, I do like and enjoy my jobs, but it makes me wonder sometimes, and I am trying to work hard on my dreams so I don’t feel like in the future I wasted all this time.

blog-12.) Settling:  Meaning adopting or securing myself in a city or doing something that is not really me. Since I can remember I have always battle with the thought of settling for something less or  just because things didn’t work. I have royalty mindset, and I know things take time but not matter what I will not settle for anything less.


3.) Giving up:

  There are times that I feel like nothing is working out, the impatient in me starts crawling because I don’t see certain things come to pass, and I feel like giving up. But some way some how, I get back up and continue to fight. I have seen many talented, big dreamers and go getter friends who have given up on their dreams, and I see how it has affected them.


4.) Not getting married: 

I know it sounds cheese, but yes I am scared of not getting married. Besides all of the other numerous dreams that I have, I do want to get married and have kids. Now a days dating and finding someone is very difficult, there are so many games and people don’t take marriage seriously anymore. As much as I enjoy accomplishments, I don’t want to just be this successful woman, but I want to have a family as well.


5.) Loosing loved ones:  Unfortunately I have seen a lot of close friends lose their loved ones at an early age. Parents, siblings, other family members and even close friends. I have lost people in my life and it’s so hard, It scares me to think that people are not forever, we all are born, grow and die so it’s important to make a positive impact in the world and not take anyone for granted because you never know if we would see them again.

blog-4  Thank you for taking the time and reading this blog, hope you liked it and I hope it got you to think what scares you, and to go out there and face your fears as I fear mines.

Have a great week!



3 thoughts on “What Scares You?

  1. Nice article! I too have the same fears as you. I’d like to also add a fear of my own. My fear is the “What is purpose on this earth” fear. I always wonder what grand scheme of my life am I suppose to accomplish. Did I find it already and I just can’t see it? Am I doing it right or wrong? I question myself a lot when I think about my purpose for humanity. I hope I’m not being too mellow dramatic.

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    1. Thank you!! Glad you liked it, I think that’s a fear we all have, not really knowing what’s our purpose, but as artist what we can do is keep expressing ourselves and inspiring people along the way we will find our purpose.

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      1. I agree, not sure where I’m going but atleast I’m following my artistic direction for now. It feels right so I guess it comes with inherent belief too.


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